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The STSB Team...

As an independent film production company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, our passion lies in bringing to life captivating screen stories that proudly feature the diverse talent of New Mexico, both in front of and behind the camera. We firmly believe that recovery isn't the conclusion of a tale; rather, it serves as the empowering prologue to new beginnings.

Julian Gowdy

Co-Founder, Executive Producer and Creative Director

Julian was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He didn't grow up with filmmaking ambitions as he spent all his time on the basketball court. He didn't go to film school, he had never even used a camera. Until he began his life in recovery...


He didn't listen when he was told that he should write but he finally sat down and wrote. He found it exhilarating and freeing. Then, he was gifted a camera so he started a company with a friend and began filming.


He didn't know that cameras didn't record sound so he wrote and directed a short black and white silent film, "An Artist's Story", that was runner up for the audience choice award at the Madrid Film Festival.


He didn't understand how lighting worked so he wrote and directed "Icarus Shrugged..." that was filmed, in the desert, in the middle of the night.


He didn't comprehend that you needed money to make a feature film, so he wrote, directed, starred and edited, "The Devil's Tongue", which is completed and will be released in the next year.   


He didn't care that most of the cast and crew for his films had never acted or had no film experience. That doesn't matter. What matters is being willing to try and to fail. And then try again. 


He knows now that the filmmaking craft, can provide so much. Joy. Inspiration. Fulfillment. Frustration. Freedom. He knows this because it has brought him all these things and it is something that should be available and safe for all.     

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Bob Koppin

Co-Founder, Producer and Head of Business Affairs and Marketing

Bob Koppin is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in the Business and Technology industry. He is known for his technical expertise and his ability to manage complex projects.

Bob is originally from Detroit and has lived in Albuquerque for over 30 years and loves enjoying the beautiful Southwest. He appreciates storytelling and its ability to connect with people and inspire positive change.

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Taylor Archuleta

Assistant Creative Director and Production Coordinator

Taylor Archuleta is an Albuquerque, New Mexico local. A graduate of CNM, she got her start in the film industry through the Film Production Program. After graduating in 2018, she went on to work on projects such as Chupa, Outer Range, Walker: Independence, and WACO: Aftermath.

Longtime friend of Julian, Taylor wears many hats in the So The Story Begins team from Costume Design to 1st Assistant Director to Script Supervising. She is the oil that keeps our machine running and a major part of what makes us able to grow and improve with each new project we produce.

Roman Rojas

Production Sound and Composer

Roman Rojas is from Phoenix, Arizona with a background in music performance. In 2007, he attended the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Roman has been composing instrumental music ever since he learned to read and write music. His work has been awarded Best Music at multiple film festivals for his work on short films and documentaries. He also composed the music for The Devil's Tongue, his first work on a feature film.

In 2020, Roman moved to Albuquerque to get involved with the local film scene which opened the door to his passion for production sound. Within a few years he has learned from many of the industry’s most sought after sound mixers. With the average sound department consisting of three members, (sound mixer, boom operator and utility) Roman has developed his skills in all three areas, often performing them simultaneously.


Philip Bushman

Production Stunts and Special Effects Coordinator

Phil moved to Albuquerque, 17 years ago found his passion for film here (well before it was the cool thing to do). 

Phil is a state representative for Xtreme Force Hollywood Stunts. He has access to airbags, air ratchet, air rams, descenders, and SFX/pyrotechnics gear. Beyond that he actively trains Wing Chun, Filipino Martial Arts (knife and stick fighting), Systema, and HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). He has firearms experience (24+ years tactical pistol and carbine), reloads his own ammo, builds his weapons, and makes his own explosives.


Oh yeah, he likes to act, and is surprisingly good.

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David Sbarge

Associate Creative Director and Production Assistant

David has long had a passion for writing. His English teacher, Mr. Guy once told his class that Tolkien, CS Lewis and other writers of the time had formed a circle-- The Inklings. Since then, David has hoped one day to work within a group of creative individuals, which he has found at So The Story Begins...

David's unique perspective makes him a valuable asset to the creative team for So The Story Begins. On set, he is always ready and willing to step in and help anyone who needs it, while also being a passionate and talented actor.


Sydney Vanefsky

Behind the Scenes and Promo Photographer and Assistant Production Coordinator

Syd is from Vero Beach, Florida. They moved to Albuquerque in 2021. They're here for pretty ladies and sandy beaches (and they are all out of beaches).

Syd has a background in graphic design, music and photography. Self appointed comedian of the team as they can always find a way to make everyone smile.

Syd helps wherever they can on set while also managing all of our BTS and promo photos. They're hands on and love to help however they can with camera, costumes, or set decorations.

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