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About STSB Films

“So The Story Begins…”(STSB) is an LLC Partnership consisting of Bob Koppin and Julian Gowdy, focused on telling stories for the screen and showcasing New Mexican talent in front of and behind the camera.

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Our Story

Recovery from addiction is a driving force behind the idea for "So The Story Begins…". It was through working together on a prior film that Bob and Julian met, and the idea for this company was born.

The film industry is an emerging market here in Albuquerque. However, these films rarely have New Mexicans making creative decisions. Most of the time, the decision-makers get flown in from California and New York, while New Mexicans with talent are relegated to being production assistants and valets. So The Story Begins will use New Mexican talent and make it known that New Mexico isn't just Hollywood's parking lot.


Bob Koppin 


(505) 270-5189

Julian Gowdy 

Creative Director

(505) 331-7736

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